By: Nakul on 2015-12-10

During recent heavy rain my bike fully drowned into water what should I do to restore it

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Restoration of motorcycles damaged by flood should be done immediately because permanent damaged may occur as time passes by.

First of all wash the motorcycle immediately to remove mud using pressurized water and mild soap or dishwashing agent.

NEVER start the engine if water has entered into the engine.

Following things need to be done if a motorcycle submerged in water for long time.

• Remove and clean the brake pads and system, apply grease on the brake cam but don’t apply grease to the brake lining.
• Remove the battery and clean the terminals, then recharged it.
• Remove air cleaner box and replace air cleaner element.
• Remove the speedometer gearbox, clean and apply grease.
• Remove the exhaust muffler and wash it with kerosene, and let it dry before installing.
• Remove the spark plug then tilt the motorcycle to drain any water or mud. Clean and check the spark plug gap, then conduct a spark test.
• Drain the fuel tank, check for corrosion on filler neck and lid. Clean with gasoline and apply compressed air.
• Drain the engine oil.
• Drain the air compressor tank
• Clean the drive chain with kerosene and wire brush, lubricate drive chain with gear oil and adjust the chain to the specified slack.
• Spray contact cleaner on all electrical couplers.
• Test the light bulbs sockets
• Check the tire pressure and add air, if necessary, according to specification. If the tire will not inflate, check for leaks.
• Apply compressed air and tilt the motorcycle to drain any water. Repeat this step 2-3 times.
• Check the fuel line. Clean or replace the fuel strainer and overhaul the carburetor, then remove all foreign materials inside.
• Re-install the muffler, spark plug, and carburetor.
• Re-fill the engine oil according to the recommended volume.
• Start the engine, let it idle for 5-10 mins, and drain the oil. Repeat this process 2-3 times or more, until the whitish color of oil is eliminated, an indication that the water has been totally flushed out.

Latik   2015-12-31 14:23:15

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