By: Anadi on 2015-07-16

Which bike is best to avoid back pain?

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Riding a particular bike may cause a cause of back, neck and shoulder pain to somebody and the same bike can be comfortable for somebody, by learning the causes of back pain will help you prevent it and also help you to choose the bike comfortable for you.

Posture is important, whether sitting on a chair or a bike. Even if you’re aware of your posture and make an effort to keep your spine straight, you may find your back more comfortable during a long ride. A lot depends on several factors; your body measurements, your motorcycle type and some parts of your motorcycle, so pay attention to the ergonomics of your bike.

A motorcycle’s handlebar is designed for an average height of the biker if you are below average height then you will have to overreach or bend forward to use them which will cause back pain. Bike should facilitate a relaxed sitting position, should be in such a position so that the rider is slightly reclined with his or her feet positioned ahead of the knees, as the reclined position opens up the hips and helps to prevent lower back and hip pain caused by tight hip flexor muscles. Exercise is often a good treatment for lower back pain. Specifically, active back exercises keep discs, muscles, ligaments and joints healthy by distributing nutrients into the disc space and soft tissues in the back. It is all about feeling you should take a test drive for ensuring whether the bike is comfortable for you.

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