By: Santosh on 2015-12-31

Can we reduce the tyres and wheels size of Royal Enfield Thunderbird?

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Changing a bike’s tyre & wheels with different width tyre & wheels is not so easy, a lot of things need to be considered before going for such change as different width tyres and wheels can hit swingarms, chains, or driveshafts, can change gearing ratios and speedometer readouts, and can contact fenders or swingarms. The designers who engineer bikes usually are highly trained, and they apply that training to find a tires & wheels combination that accents a vehicle’s virtues, and minimizes its shortcomings.

So our advice is that don’t experiment with fitting a different dimension tyres & wheels as the tyre & wheel designed by manufacture is the best for your bike (RE Thunderbird) and it would be wise to purchase a bike having saddle height suitable for you than doing such modification with a high saddle height bike.

Daksh   2016-01-04 16:51:48

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