By: Badal on 2016-01-10

Is the back light of Thunderbird 350 and other features are same as Thunderbird 500?

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The backlight of Thunderbird 350 is same as Thunderbird 500 but there are some differences between both bikes which are:

• Thunderbird 500 is powered by 499cc engine while Thunderbird 350 is powered by 346cc engine.

• Fuel supply in Thunderbird 500 is through Keihin Electronic Fuel Injection while in Thunderbird 350 is through Constant Vacuum Carburetor

• Ignition in Thunderbird 500 is Digital Electronic Ignition while in Thunderbird 350 is Transistorized Coil Ignition (TCI)

• Pickup of Thunderbird 500 is better than Thunderbird 350

• Mileage as per users experience of Thunderbird 500 is around 25-30 kmpl while of Thunderbird 350 is 35-40 kmpl.

• Kerb weight of Thunderbird 500 is 195 kg while of Thunderbird 350 is 192 kg.

Hunny   2016-01-18 18:52:43

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