By: rehaan on 2016-04-02

Why the top speed of RE Thunderbird is low despite having engine displacement of 350cc?

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Engine displacement is not the only consideration for top speeds as top speed also depends upon the power delivered by the engine, design of the engine, weight of the bike etc, 150cc bikes which have higher top speed than 350cc RE Thunderbird are specifically designed for speed but the Thunderbird is designed for pride and despite having 350cc engine RE Thunderbird discharges maximum power of19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm while Honda CBR 150R a 150cc segment bike discharges the maximum power of18.28 bhp @ 10500 rpm, The engine of the RE Thunderbird hasn’t designed for performance, and neither is the chassis and other things.

chetan   2016-04-04 12:24:27

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