By: Hemant Dev on 2015-02-20

My bike engine sound is too low,can something be done to make it loud?

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Hello Hemant Dev !!

A motorcycle exhaust system uses one or more exhaust pipes to carry burnt gases away from the engine. Along the way, the gases pass through a cylinder and header pipes, a mid-pipe, a catalytic converter, and a muffler, before exiting the tailpipe. Motorcycles may come with a single or double exhaust system, depending on the size of the engine and the intended use of the bike, and the majority of the system is visible. There are exhaust systems available for purchase that provide that desired sound, or with a little time and effort, the owner can adjust the existing mufflers to create a louder engine sound. By searching sites like eBay Motors, a consumer can find a vast array of products to research and find an affordable system that will offer the desired sound. For those riders that like to attract attention as they travel the roadways, there are options for increasing the sound output from the exhaust like 1) Drilling Out the Exhaust 2) Opening the Baffles 3) Changing a Motorcycle Exhaust
Conclusion: Finding an aftermarket exhaust system to increase performance and sound is one of the first replacements most consumers look for after purchasing a motorcycle.

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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 15:54:14

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