By: Anand on 2016-04-20

What are the additional features in new Suzuki Access 125?

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Engine of the new Suzuki Access develops better torque than previous model and the length and over-all height of New Access is 1870mm and 1160mm respectively while of older model is 1780mm and 1125mm. New model is also 10 kg lighter than older model.
New Suzuki Access is featured with SEP engine, new frame, optional disc brake and various updates to wheels, and body panels; as per user reviews New Access delivers better fuel efficiency, performance and runs smoother.

Design wise, the new Access has evolved into a royal and sophisticated look with chrome finish, 3D emblem logo and rich bodywork with stylish edgy contours, easy-start system, multi-function instrument cluster with digital display, front pocket and optional DC socket. These features have been incorporated keeping in mind practical usage in real world conditions and the comfort of Indian riders.

Sabarjeet   2016-04-21 18:09:32

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