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76,650 – 79,726
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  • Pros

    • Gorgeous looks
    • Decent handling
    • Good blend of efficiency and performance
  • Cons

    • Strong competition
    • Average rear brakes

Suzuki Gixxer Price in India

The wait ends for all those waiting for the king of the bikes to hit the road. The Suzuki Gixxermodel has arrived with a bang. Suzuki has a range of excellent bikes. This one, the Suzuki Gixxersurpass... Read more »

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Suzuki Gixxer Overview

The wait ends for all those waiting for the king of the bikes to hit the road. The Suzuki Gixxermodel has arrived with a bang. Suzuki has a range of excellent bikes. This one, the Suzuki Gixxersurpasses all expectations. A mere glance at the Suzuki Gixxer images is enough to convince you about the beauty of the bike. However, looks are deceptive. You find a powerful bike behind these behind these beautiful images. This is a class act altogether. You have great colour options on all the three variants of the bike, Standard, Dual Tone, and Rear Disc.

We shall look at the Suzuki Gixxer features to get a better understanding of the utility of the bike. You have some common features on all the three variants such as gear positions and RPM indicator, an effective and sporty twin exhaust and the stylish LED tail lights.

The most gorgeous looking bike today, one cannot but marvel at the Suzuki Gixxer performance. Capable of delivering a power-packed performance, the Suzuki Gixxer handling can surprise anyone. This bike is the easiest one to ride on the smooth city roads as well as the tough roads in the countryside. The Suzuki Gixxer is light enough to let you zip past the busy city traffic. At the same time, it is sturdy enough to allow you to use it for long rides. The most attractive feature of the Suzuki Gixxer model is the fantastic balance. Therefore, using the bike for going to office everyday as well as occasional picnics is easy.

Another attractive feature is the Suzuki Gixxer price. You have some great deals waiting for you. Let us also look at the Suzuki Gixxer specifications.

Suzuki Gixxer Engine & Transmission

The engine might look simple to you but as we have said earlier looks are deceptive. Behind these modest looks, you have one of the strongest engines you can ever come across. The 154.9 cc engine is capable of producing a power output of 14.6 Bhp at 8000 rpm. This makes the Suzuki Gixxer Transmission system one of the best. You get the peak torque at the 6000 rpm level. Suzuki vehicles have always been technically sound. The Suzuki Gixxer is no way different from the other Suzuki models. The SEP technology ensures a perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency. This is one of the best Suzuki Gixxer features.

Suzuki Gixxer Exterior

If looks can kill, the Suzuki Gixxer is the perfect one. The Suzuki Gixxer exterior is definitely something to rave about. The seat alignments and the aerodynamic fuel tank design make it a sight to behold. It can give a regal look to the person riding it. You have some beautiful features that no one can ignore. The aesthetically designed rear mudguard presents a splendid look. The beautifully designed headlamps are not only powerful but also alluring to look at. Both the wheels have the leastnumber of spokes thereby reducing the friction factor a great deal. At the same time, they are strong enough to withstand the shocks while delivering a power-packed performance. 

Suzuki Gixxer Mileage

In the normal course, you find the higher the engine capacity the lower is the mileage. Therefore, you cannot expect a 150 cc engine to give the same mileage you get from the 100 or 125 cc engines. However, the Suzuki Gixxer is capable of delivering a fuel efficiency figure of 54 kmpl on city roads. Of course, the Suzuki Gixxer mileage can increase on long drives. The corresponding figure for long hauls can go up to 60 kmpl. Thus, we can say that the Suzuki Gixxer fuel efficiency figure is a fantastic one.

Suzuki Gixxer Performance and Handling

The riding experience of Suzuki Gixxer is a compelling package, specifically for those who are looking for a sporty as well as a light machine. The punchy engine and chassis of Gixxer have been developed by the engineers who designed exemplary GSX-R series. It helps to get it exceptional running performance with a broad low end torque and charismatic mid range power for outstanding acceleration. This bike has telescopic suspension at the front and swing arm, mono suspension at its rear to run smoothly on bumpy terrains.

If you are looking for sporty and a light bike at the same time, your search should end here. The Suzuki Gixxer can satisfy every aspect you are looking for. A lot of experience goes into the manufacture of this bike. Designed by the engineers who have been instrumental in the designing of the exemplary GSX-R series, the Suzuki Gixxer has a punchy engine and chassis. This design enables you to extract a high Suzuki Gixxer performance with a broad low end torque. As far as acceleration is concerned, this design offers you plenty of it. 

The telescopic suspension at the front as well as on the swing arm makes Suzuki Gixxer handling a smooth affair. The unique quality of this bike is the rear mono suspension that makes it capable of running smoothly on bumpy roads. You have an effective braking system with the 130 mm drum on the rear wheels and 240 mm disc brakes on the front ones. Thus, as far as the Suzuki Gixxer braking and safety is concerned, you are in safe hands. 

However, a couple of Suzuki Gixxer reviews do have reservations with the braking aspect, especially the rear drum. Overall, you have good reviews from the users on all fronts.

One should be aware of the pros and cons of the Suzuki Gixxer.

Let us begin on a positive note by dwelling on the advantages. One look at the Suzuki Gixxer exterior is enough to realize that you are looking at something special. You have a terrific combination of exquisite beauty and powerful performance. Another advantage of the bike is the ease of handling the machine. 

On the negative side, one has to contend with the heavy competition. Some users have complained of rather weak rear brakes. 

Let us now look at the Suzuki Gixxer price range on offer. You have three variants of this wonderful bike, each one of them a masterpiece. 

The Suzuki Gixxer Standard variant is the least expensive of the lot with a price tag of INR 76,650. You get this bike in four attractive colours in grey, red, black, and blue.

In comparison, the Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone has a higher price at INR 77,650. You have two dual-colour combinations for this particular variant.

The Suzuki Gixxer Rear Disc variant is the most expensive of the lot with an Ex-showroom price of INR 79,726. This variant also comes in a dual-colour tone.

The Suzuki Gixxer images can arouse an eager want in the young bike enthusiast. In choosing to buy this Suzuki Gixxer model, you end up making a wise decision.