By: Sanyat on 2015-08-15

Should I drive this bike less than the speed of 45 kmph during running in period?

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Running in period is important in any engine. This is the time when there will be accelerated wear on the engine parts as all the manufacturing irregularities get evened out and the moving parts bed in with each other. When the engine is new, the friction between engine parts is also at the maximum therefore it is advised not to drive more than the speed of 40-45 kmph for the initial 500 – 1,000 kms to avoiding major scratches inside the piston bore.

Most vehicles have first service scheduled at 500-1000 kms, which includes compulsory engine oil change. The oil, though not used for much kms, but contains metal particles from engine cleaning. So before you rev the new engine and start speeding, ensure oil has been changed.

Arjit   2015-09-17 13:05:48

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