By: Sumiksha on 2015-09-05

When I go for long drive too much air sucked in my Suzuki Gixxer what should I do?

1 Answers

This problem mainly occurs when there is some vacuum leak, "Vacuum Leak" takes place when the piston descends on the intake stroke it creates a partial vacuum in the cylinder, this sucks in air and fuel from the carburetor, but if air can be sucked in through any place except through the carburetor it creates a "vacuum leak" and the carburetor will not siphon enough fuel from the float bowl to run the engine properly as a result it will suck more than required air and deliver low mileage, we suggest you following things to solve the problem.

• Compression ratio should be checked first of all as mostly lower compression ratio causes this type of problem.

• Carburetors must be receiving fuel, and supplying it to the cylinder.

• Spark plugs must be fitted and firing properly.

Hope by ascertaining these points problem will solve, if not we advise you to take your bike to your local Suzuki service center for thorough check.

Ajay   2015-10-27 11:10:53

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