By: Manpreet on 2016-04-23

How can I lower the seat height of my Suzuki Gixxer SF?

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The best way to lower the saddle height is by reducing the seat thickness, this gives riders a better reach to the ground, saddle height can be lowered by 2-3 inches by removing some extra foam from the seat, you can get this done by some local fabricator.

Most bikes suspensions have set-up for 80-90 kg rider so if the suspension is set up for a rider who heavier than you, it will ride taller and make it harder for you to reach the ground as springs don't sag to their proper height under load and hold the rider up in the air so before you make any parts changes or other permanent adjustments, check your suspension sag. This will surely help riders who are just 1-2 inch short of touching both feet and certainly improve the ride.


Sanjana   2016-04-25 18:22:12

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