By: Kanchan on 2016-05-13

If I change the sprocket of my GSX-R 600 by -1 and +2, how much will it affect the torque?

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Changing sprocket sizes, front or rear, will change the gearing ratio, and therefore change the way your bike puts power to the ground, generally OEM gear ratios are ideal for a bike.

Sprockets, are measured by their number of teeth, to calculate the final drive ratio, divide the rear sprocket count by the front sprocket count, the result will be the final drive ratio or the number of revolutions of front sprocket to make complete revolution of the rear sprocket.The final drive ratio of a motocross bike is around 4.0, increasing the rear sprocket count will reduces the top speed, but will increase the torque.

It is advisable to change sprocket and chain components as a set, because mixing an old chain with a new sprocket – or vice versa – will shorten the life of either, so it is best to change both sprockets and chain all at once, and avoid using a smaller-than-stock front sprocket as on a smaller sprocket, the drive chain must turn a tighter radius, which increases friction and decreases the life expectancy of the chain.

Abbas   2016-05-17 17:55:06

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