By: Ravikant on 2016-05-17

Does Suzuki Gixxer have engine over-heating and oil leak problem?

1 Answers

As per user reviews there is no engine overheating and oil leakage issues with Suzuki Gixxer, for better cooling engine oil should be chosen wisely as there are many brands, so it is recommended to check with your user manual and follow the instructions for your bike’s engine.

Yes, Alloys of wheels and engine quality of Gixxer is as good as Honda, both Honda and Suzuki are esteemed Japanese companies their vehicles have international recognition and they don’t compromise with quality. As per user reviews Suzuki’s bikes are durable, like any other bike they should also be properly maintained and serviced as instructed in the user manual for longer durability.

Dev   2016-05-20 18:23:27

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