By: Anonymous on 2016-05-30

Can I travel from Pune to Hyderabad on Suzuki Gixxer, after how much distance should I take break to avoid engine overheating?
I am planning to travel from Pune to Hyderabad on the Gixxer 150. Can the 150cc engine handle such long distances. If yes, then after how much distances should I take break for the bike to cool down

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The distance between Pune and Hyderabad is around 560 kms, as per user reviews you can travel this distance on Suzuki Gixxer provided your bike should be maintained and serviced as recommended in user manual and engine coolent should be at proper before going on such long drive, we advise you to take a 15-20 min break once in every 1.5 hrs or 100 kms as it would be good for both you and your bike’s health, you can relax a little, stretch yourself while the bike cools down.
   2016-06-20 11:59:52

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