By: Kanika on 2015-06-26

Can I change my Suzuki Gixxer handle bar with Suzuki R1000?

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Yes handles can be replaced it is not a hard task, all we need to do is to identify the diameter of your Suzuki Gixxer SF bars and match them with the ones you'd like to replace them with then either change it yourself our get it change from some workshop, but we advise you to take the prior consent of some expert before doing so.

During the design stage, the manufacturer selects the handlebar design, or “bend,” based on a number of criteria. Obviously the bike’s basic architecture, weight and size are a big consideration the larger the bike, the more leverage you’ll need to turn it, and just as obviously, a cruiser is going to require a much different bar than a sport bike or adventure tourer.

Utsav   2015-09-01 11:19:26

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