By: Visnu on 2016-04-26

Which bike should I choose between Yamaha R15 ver. 2.0 and Gixxer SF, for daily travelling upto 60 kms?

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Yamaha R15 is a performance oriented bike, aggressive cornering and maneuverability in traffic is its plus points while if you are looking for affordability, comfort and mileage Gixxer SF should be your choice, considering the price tag of Gixxer SF, it is a good value for money. the ex-showroom (Delhi) price of R15 is around Rs, 25,000 more than Gixxer SF.

As per user reviews Gixxer SF is a better city commuter bike and offer good comfort and decent performance, pillions are more comfortable on Gixxer SF than on R15. Fuel supply in Gixxer SF is through carburetor while in R15 it is through fuel-injection which gives it refinement in performance to R15. Gixxer SF has 5 speed transmission gears while R15 has 6 speed transmission gears.

As you are looking for a commuter bike to travel 60 km daily in our opinion Gixxer SF should be your choice as it is more comfortable and also delivers better mileage, R15 is better for the people who don’t travel much and prefer power, acceleration and handling.

You can review the detailed comparative features and specifications of Gixxer SF and R15 on our below website page:

Yaahu   2016-04-28 16:05:53

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