By: vishal jadhav on 2016-06-20

Which bike is better between Bajaj Pulsar 220 and Gixxer SF for daily travelling 40 kms?
Which bike should I choose between Bajaj pulsar 220 and Gixxer SF, for daily travelling upto 40kms?

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"Bajaj Pulsar 220 is a 220cc bike while Gixxer SF is a 155cc bike so obviously Pulsar 220 has more power & torque, Pulsar 220 is a semi faired bike while Gixxer SF is a fully faired bike, as per user reviews riding stance of Bajaj Pulsar is more comfortable than Gixxer SF but Gixxer SF delivers better mileage, so in my opinion if mileage is not an issue for you, Pulsar 220 would be better for daily travelling 40 kms as it is more comfortable for this purpose and if your preference is for handling and mileage you should go for Gixxer SF; we advise you to take a test drive of both to ensure your driving comfort and also check the comparative details of both bikes at our below website page and make your choice as per your need & preference:"
   2016-06-30 12:19:22

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