User review on Suzuki Gixxer SF written by Arindam Halder, 24(Guest) on 2016-07-06 05:06:37
Overall rating: 4.25
Design (Exterior/Interior)
Design - 5.00
Inside Comfort
Inside Comfort - 4.00
Driving Comfort
Driving Comfort - 4.00
Performance & Safety
Performance & Safety - 4.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Suzuki Gixxer SF

Year of Manufacture: 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 2911
  • Pros: Good Looks. Full fairing and double silencer outlets. Low and Mid range power. Handling. Price less than 1 lacs. Cheap Maintenance. Decent Mileage. Step up seat but even mothers can feel relaxed on it.
  • Cons: Break in period. (Even though it's a Suzuki product) Mirrors get loose upon riding on several bumpers. (Tighten every 400 kms) Weak headlight. (For highway rides) Speed doesn't exceed 150 kmph like R15 but I'm asking too much now.

Full Review:

A great bike I bought from my own money. I learnt riding motorcycles on a Ninja 650R which I didn't own. Then I bought a Thunderbird 500 (dad bought me) because I was suggested to buy it as I'm fat (102 kgs, 5'11ft). But had to sell it because of non touring (was doing my MBA). Finally I got a 155 cc bike from Suzuki with my own money this March (still a student at the time of purchase) GSX 150F or Gixxer SF. I went for it because I had 1.10 on hand so couldn't wait or didn't wait to get R15 or RC 200. (not interested in CBR 150 and RS 200) Couldn't test drive it as there were none available for test drives. So I had to make the decision my just sitting on it in the showroom. Paid cash, generated bill and other documents, filled 1 litre petrol (complimentary from Suzuki) and rode home. Bike fell on the 1st hour of my purchase as I was engaging side stand after halting in my garage and there was piece of marble on which I laid the side stand and didn't notice it was slipping. I fell and the bike fell on me. The left indicator broke off and was hanging. Got up and found no damage on the fairing. Clutch lever got scratches on the rounded end. Fixed indicator with Fevikwik. Great 1st day. After this I knew nothing would happen to the fairings even if it fell. Bike fell like 3 times now. No damage on the fairings, but yes back plastic of the mirror and clutch lever's ends got scratched. I put stickers on the bike and put on LED neons, gear socket protector, throttle control engager, tank pad and a saree stand for my mother to sit on the seat sideways and voila! I have a bike that everyone turns their heads to see while I'm riding. Yes, got a seat cover too because there are cats on my neighborhood. The metallic blue colour is a class apart and I have no regrets paying 2k extra for that. BTW the bike is truly aerodynamic and the air vents (holes in the front) really work at speeds of 110 kmph deflecting wind. The front wind screen gets scratched if u are using towel to wipe it, always use microfiber cloth (sunglass cleaning cloth) to keep it scratch free. Mileage around 35. I'm not sure, but not less than that. LED tail lights are great and the foot pegs are nice aluminum pegs. I have ridden a total of 9 hours straight while riding from Kolkata to Puri with 10 min halts 4 times and back. No problems of over heating and stuff. If you press the clutch a lot you may smell like something is burning but that's okay. A clutch lever costs Rs 128. And yes the parts are very cheap in the service centre. They take Rs 100 for wash. Don't have pipe setup near my garage so I spend Rs 100 every 1 month to get a clean mean machine that is actually a 155cc bike. LOL. Still riding at 7000 RPM as my 3rd service isn't done. But hey you don't need more than 5000 RPM in the city. Good luck all Gixxer SF buyers. #amgixxer