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What is the difference between fuel injection and carburetor model of TVS Apache RTR 200 4V?

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To understand the difference between fuel injection and carburetor model of TVS Apache RTR 200 4V we need to understand carburetor and fuel injection system as in one model the fuel supply system is carburetor while in other it is fuel injection.

In carburetors fuel supply system the air intake is through the air filter and the fuel intake comes in from the fuel tank. The air and fuel mix together in a set ratio and then passes to the combustion chamber for burning and production of power and when the throttle is twisted, the air flow to the carburetor is increased which causes a swoosh of sucking force and hence the fuel delivery is increase providing acceleration.
Some advantages of carburetor system are: Easy to operate and cheap to replace, takes less time in servicing, can be opened up individually without disturbing the engine.

In Fuel Injection system the fuel supply is systematic and works on a lot of sensors. The fuel injection nozzle is provided directly in the combustion chamber. The air intake is measured by the air sensor location inside. There is a pressure pump which pressurizes the fuel which allows it to be atomized and hence inside the combustion chamber, the spray is in the form of a mist which allows for complete and cleaner combustion. The fuel supply is controlled by the ECU which is the computer controlling all the electronics of the bike. So when the air supply is increased when the throttle is pulled, the air sensor detects the increase which data is then fed to the ECU so that accordingly the fuel amount to be injected is increased as well.
Some advantagesof fuel injection engines are: Fuel delivery is optimum and fuel atomizing allows for complete combustion. Better mileage and power.

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