By: M.adib Havaldar on 2016-07-14

What is the difference in the performance of carburetor Apache RTR 200 4V and fuel injection RTR 200 4V?
What is the deference in performance of the carburetor model and fuel injection model of the apache rtr 200 ?

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Carburetor TVS Apache RTR 200 4V engine delivers maximum power of 15.09 kW @ 8500 rpm while fuel injection RTR 200 engine delivers maximum power of 15.46 kW @ 8500 rpm, torque figure of both the variants is same (18.1 Nm @ 7000 rpm)

Claimed speed of carburetor model is 127 kmph while of fuel injection model is 129 kmph, as per user reviews mileage of both bikes is around 35-36 kmpl in the city riding conditions.

   2016-08-11 17:12:19

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