By: Raman on 2015-09-12

Why there is vibration problem with TVS Apache RTR 180?

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As per users experience there is no vibration problem with TVS Apache RTR 180 till the speed of 80 kmph, after this speed little vibrations do felt which is common in most of the bikes but if your RTR 180 vibrates too much following may be the reasons of vibrations:

(1) Improper tyre pressure, low tyres pressure also cause vibrations at high speed.
(2) Improper chain tension, check your user’s manual for procedure to adjust it.
(3) Engine valve might be partially blocked clearance, guidance is given in manual you may show that to mechanic.
(4) Fuel Strainer, Filter and Carburetor might not be cleaned or well tuned.
(5) Filters Screen and centrifugal Filter might not be cleaned.

We hope above advice will fix your problem, if not we advise you to contact your local TVS Service Center.

Dixit   2015-10-29 11:03:02

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