By: Rudhir on 2015-05-23

What are the use and how to open of front box in TVS Jupiter?
"What are the uses of front box in TVS Jupiter? Or How to open the front box in TVS Jupiter?"

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Hello Rudhir !!

The front box in TVS Jupiter or in any other scooter for that matter of fact is a very handy and helpful thing. This feature is not enjoyable in bikes because of space contraint. Although some installe a small boot space in bike too but still scooty riders enjoy more space for storage. First of all space under the seat of scooter is something which is enjoyable by all and this space is adequate enough to hold helmet and some other small articles. Also scooter owners can get a boot in front of leg space which is optional. This boot is big enough to hold all the papers of scooter with many more other things. Both of these boot spaces are easily accesable with the scooter's main key.


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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 12:57:50

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