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TVS Phoenix Overview

The executive commuter segment has always been a hotly contested segment composed of bikes within the 125-150 cc capacity. TVS has also thrown in the gauntlet in this category with the 125 cc engined TVS Phoenix 125. Given that there are already quite a few players in the category, the resulting battle should be interesting to watch. We attempt to go into details on this motorcycle to get you complete information. With a bold tagline saying 'life ka gear badlo' the TVS Phoenix 125 comes in two variants viz a drum brake version and a disc brake one. Time to taste the pudding and see for ourselves if it can really help one changes life's gears.

TVS Phoenix Engine & Transmission

Power needs on the TVS Phoenix 125 are served by the four stroke 124.5 cc engine married to a 4 speed gearbox that transfers all that power to the rear wheel via a chain drive. Belting out 10.8 Bhp of power at 7,500 rpm and 10.8 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm this engine is no slouch. The bore X stroke dimensions of 57mm X 48.8 mm help the engine keep the torque pouring thus reducing multiple shifts.Optimised for a solid mix of power and economy the new Eco-Thrust engine keeps the bike moving around town with ease. The gearbox also has been designed with city commuting in mind & thus features ratios that help keep the demands on the rider low by reducing the need for frequent gear shifting to stay within the powerband.The Digital-Mapped ignition system is specifically created for that purpose. The wet multiplate clutch helps keep things simple, manageable and smooth. Interestingly enough, the engine on the Phoenix 125 traces its roots back to one of the most popular engines around back in the day, that of the Suzuki Fiero (the bottom end components are derived fom it).

TVS Phoenix Mileage

The Phoenix delivers ample fuel economy owing to the frugal nature of the engine & the optimized ignition system. While definitely nowhere near its poorer and smaller cousins, the fuel economy is good enough to keep the consumer happy and not burn a hole in the pocket. Since the ignition system keeps adjusting various parameters to compensate for changing speeds, the right balance of power & efficiency is what keeps the rider happy. Highway conditions should see the bike deliver upto 67 kmpl while city conditions bring down the figures to 45 kmpl.

TVS Phoenix Performance and Handling

On the go, the Phoenix 125 has enough features to live up to customer expectations. TVS have thoughtfully provided the bike with a 'Series Spring Suspension' system that helps cushion passengers from bumps on the road and also aid in better handling & ride quality. Keeping rear passenger comfort in mind, they have also provided air cavity footpegs for the pillion rider to cushion from engine and body vibes thus providing a less stressful commute for the pillion. Add to that comfortable and supportive foam seats and you have a wonderful travel experience. The optional front disc brake also helps reduce braking distances in case of emergency braking situations. The petal shaped disc design also helps with heat transfer thus keeping the brakes cool & ready to perform.