By: Hardeep on 2016-05-02

Which delivers the better mileage and pick-up 2 valve engine or 3 valve engine?

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Generally 3 valve engine has 2 intake & 1 exhaust valves compare to 1 intake & 1 exhaust valve of a 2 valve engine. These valves are smaller & light weight compared to that of 2 valve engine. 3 valve engine were introduced to improve air intake of the engine, 3 valve engine has comparatively more combustion chamber area than 2 valve engine and because of it area of intake port also get increased the facilitates induction of more quantity of charge (air-fuel mixture) hence more efficient combustion this results in increased engine performance-power, throttle response, pick-up of all engine speeds.

Jivan   2016-05-05 10:46:07

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