By: Harshit on 2016-05-05

Why my TVS Wego doesn’t deliver good mileage?

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Do not leave chock on for too long as it use more fuel may foul starter plug and carbon the cylinder and head.

The engine oil level should never be allowed to fall below the minimum recommended limit, this will result in a lack of lubrication inside the engine and excessive wear on the moving parts, as well as an engine will run hotter and deliver less mileage.

Your Wego should deliver good mileage now, things you should ensure for optimum mileage are:

• Confirm that there is no leakage of fuel.
• Scooter should be driven at the optimum speed (40-60) kmph beyond this speed, more fuel gets consumed.
• Maintain correct tyre pressure & check it periodically
• Never park the scooter in direct sunlight to avoid evaporation of fuel.
• Always fill the fuel at reputed fuel pump.
• Check both wheels for free rotation periodically.
• Scooter should be serviced on regular intervals.

Pooja   2016-05-09 14:02:25

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