By: alex on 2015-02-13

Does TVS Wego a gear or gearless scooter?
are they automatic gears or gearless scooter's very sad that even transport department says without gear in license.when a cycle works on a pair of gears, how can a scooter run without gears I am confuse d please clarify

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Hello Alex..

TVS Wego is the one of the famous two-wheeler in Indian market because of its reliability and fuel economy. TVS Wego is a typical gearless scooter which means rider just need to operate the throttle and rest of the work is done by engine. The main component, which is responsible for this purpose is the constant variable transmission or the CVT that connects or disconnect the clutch unit to the driver unit with the help of toothed belt. According to my point of view driving a CVT two wheeler is much more convenient nowadays if you are living in a crowed place or you have to face heavy traffic conditions.


Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 14:46:29

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