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TVS X21 concept
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TVS X21 concept Overview

With the company claiming the TVS X21 Concept to be the racing model of the standard RTR 200, the bike is expected to entice the Indian buyers with its overall impressive design features and technical specifications. The TVS X21 is powered by the 212.4 cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, and liquid-cooled engine. The unveiled amount of riding power of the bike will be capable of making it run efficiently around 0-100 kmph in a matter of just 8.7 seconds by attaining the top speed of around 148 kmph.

The TVS X21 Concept makes use of the 5-speed transmission gearbox and carries 280mm/240mm of front along with the rear brakes in its overall design. Being showcased with the high-performing Michelin tyres, the TVS X21 Concept bike features the highly stylish & advanced body frame. Once on road, the bike is expected to be rivaling against the Pulsar 220F in its riding segment.TVS X21 concept Overview

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (2)

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  • When will TVS X21 launch?

    Karthikeyan   2018-11-28

    TVS has not shared any plans of launching this X21 in India. It was just shown as a concept in a motor show. Having said that, we would request you to wait for the TVS to officially launch the X21 as no information is available right now. Read More

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  • What is the expected launch date of TVS X21 concept?

    ide1   2018-08-10

    As TVS X21 is a concept bike hence nothing can be said about the launch date of it as there has been no official announcement of the same. Read More

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