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TVS Zeppelin
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TVS Zeppelin Overview

The new TVS Zeppelin 220 shown at the Motor Show was powered by a 220 cc engine paired with 1,200-watt regenerative assist motor with a 48-volt Li-ion battery. TVS Motor Company has unveiled its first-ever motorbike cruiser at the recent Auto Expo 2018 and has named it as TVS Zeppelin. The all-new motorcycle cruiser by TVS is known for presenting it ultra-modern and futuristic design. Known to be a performance cruiser motorbike in the Indian markets, the TVS Zeppelin sports a raw metallic look and overall feel. Complete the with the state-of-the-art features and technical specifications, the TVS Zeppelin is a stunner in every aspect.

TVS Zeppelin Engine & Transmission

The TVS Zeppelin features a 220cc single-cylinder engine. The engine of the TVS Zeppelin is mated to the high-tech TVS-patented ISG (Integrated Starter Generator). This is equipped with the specialized e-boost option which is able to start the bike quickly and tends to enhance the overall performance towards delivering better fuel efficiency. The Zeppelin concept by TVS is also fitted with the high-performing 1200 W regenerative assisting motor. This electric motor comes with a Li-iON 48V battery which is responsible for including more powerful performance to the bike by the addition of around 20 percent increased torque value as required.

TVS Zeppelin Braking & Safety

The TVS Zeppelin features Pirelli front as well as rear tyres. The braking duties of the bike are handled by petal disc brakes towards the front with a 41mm USD forks along with peral disc brakes towards the rear end with a single monoshock. Other additional components of the TVS Zeppelin include lightweight tubeless spoke wheels, dual-channel ABS, and others. The TVS Zeppelin cruiser receives the belt drive system which is known for offering silent operation. Additionally, ABS ensures the presence of optimum braking performance being delivered by the motorbike under any condition. 

TVS Zeppelin Competitors

The TVS Zeppelin will be a stiff rival to the likeness of Bajaj Avenger 220 in the given segment.

TVS Zeppelin Mileage

The TVS Zeppelin comes with a 220cc engine displacement and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 130 kmph. The overall design features of the bike appear highly classic and futuristic. TVS states that the TVS Zeppelin is a high-performance cruiser motorbike which is intended at catching the attention of the sports-freaks out there. The golden touches of the bike in an upside down fashion towards the front forks and the compact headlamp offer the bike a highly distinct look. Some of the additional features as presented by the bike include black spoke wheels, all-digital instrument cluster, petal disc brakes, and others.

TVS Zeppelin Performance and Handling

The TVS Zeppelin has been aimed at ensuring an ultimate riding performance to the long-distance riders as it features the immensely classic sleek metal body that comes finished with rustic brown and matte black shades. The TVS Zeppelin is known for offering an aggressive riding position which serves to be highly comfortable for long-distance rides along with lowered bars, a two-up seat, and foot pegs towards the front end.

TVS Zeppelin What we think

The TVS Zeppelin looks highly promising with the given range of advanced technology and contemporary features in the entry-level cruiser bike by TVS.

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (10)

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  • Whether TVS zepellin belongs to BS6.?

    Subbarao   2020-01-11

    Yes, TVS Zepellin will come with a BS6 compliant engine once launched in India. Read More

    1 Answer Post an Answer
  • Launching date

    Ravi   2019-10-20

    TVS Zeppelin launching date is not yet revealed by TVS. Read More

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TVS Zeppelin 220 People also ask

1. What are the engine specifications of TVS Zeppelin 220?


The first-ever motorbike cruiser from TVS, TVS Zeppelin comes equipped with a 220 cc single-cylinder engine, which is mated to a hi-tech integrated starter generator. It is also fitted with a high-performance 1200 W regenerative assisting motor and a 48 V Li-ion battery which enables this bike to deliver a powerful experience.


2. Tell me something about the braking system in TVS Zeppelin.


In order to control the hi-performing Pirelli tyres, TVS Zeppelin is equipped with petal disc brakes for the front wheel and petal disc brakes for the rear wheel with a single mono shock. The dual-channel ABS offers the rider an excellent control over the bike.


3. Which other bikes does the TVS Zeppelin compete with?

TVS Zeppelin is a motorbike cruiser and competes with some established players such as Bajaj Avenger 220, Bajaj Dominar & Royal Enfield Thunderbird.


4. What is the mileage offered by TVS Zeppelin?

TVS Zeppelin is a high-performance motorbike cruiser that sports a 220 cc engine that runs on petrol. It offers a mileage of 44 kmpl on the highways while the mileage for city roads is slightly lower at 35 kmpl. The capacity of the fuel tank is 20 litres.


5. Are any discounts being offered by TVS on a new TVS Zeppelin?

As discounts and offers are provided solely at the discretion of the company and the dealership, it is advisable that you get in touch with your nearest TVS dealer for up-to-date information regarding any offers or discounts available for customers.


6. What is the maximum speed that can be achieved on TVS Zeppelin?

The powerful 220 cc single-cylinder engine in TVS Zeppelin allows this bike to cruise at amazingly high speeds while the amazing braking system ensures complete control over the bike. The maximum speed that TVS Zeppelin can achieve is 130 kmph.


7. Are there any features in TVS Zeppelin that make it suitable for long rides?

TVS Zeppelin encompasses numerous features that make it an excellent option for long rides. Some of the noteworthy features are:  

- Lowered Bars
- Aggressive riding position
- Two-up seat
- Footpegs towards the front
- Classic sleek metal body


8. Please highlight the major features incorporated in TVS Zeppelin.

There is no shortage of features in TVS Zeppelin that appeal to all categories of customers. The mention-worthy features are:  
- Compact headlamps
- Black spoke wheels
- Petal disc brakes
- 48V Li-ion battery for higher torque
- 1200 W regenerative assisting motor
- Digital instrument cluster


9. What type of seating option does TVS Zeppelin provide?

Being a high-performance bike for longer journeys, TVS Zeppelin offers two-up seating option that allows the driver and the pillion rider to sit comfortably for long hours without any breaks. TVS is going for a more power cruiser approach as compared to traditional cruiser for the Zepplin. This means that the engine will be tuned for cruising on highways. It will be the first time for TVS to try something like this. We have seen Dominar 400 become a hit in the market and now TVS is all set to give Bajaj a strong riv