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The colourful history of United Motors dates back 55 years to 1951. The company has over three generations of experience in automotive and motorcycle manufacturing industries. This phenomenal experience is courtesy a tight family unit, the Villegas family, who worked hard to put the company where it today is. It would be correct to state that United Motors young history was marked by the patriarch of the family, Mr. Octavio Villegas Llano, who pursued his dream of creating transportation possibilities. He was a great entrepreneur who founded automotive plants, distribution companies of Asian vehicles along with a wide range of transportation products from trolley buses to three-wheelers. Mr. Villegas was highly inspired by the precarious living conditions of the mid 20thcreate and offer transportation products and opportunities to the mid and low-level income population and hopes to change their lives for the better.Throughout their impressive journey, the Villegas has experienced many milestones. In Latin American countries as well as in the American territories, they acquired sole distribution for Nissan, Toyota, John Deere and the General Motors’ line of diesel trucks. Next, they established assembly plants for Fruehauf trailers in the year 1966 and conquered the title of the largest trailer manufacturer in South America. Further, in the year 1992, Juan Villegas, the oldest grandson of Villegas, travelled to Asia to search for powersports products to introduce to America. At that time, the motorcycle market worldwide was in the phase of constant growth for decades and the Villegas family saw a huge opportunity to offer more affordable products. The traditional European and Japanese motorcycles were dominating the market for decades and there were very few Chinese motorcycles in the American market. In 1994, the Villegas family signed cooperation and manufacturing agreements with Chinese and Taiwanese companies and new products were introduced. 

In 1997, The Villegas family began to penetrate the US market with a completely new line of powersports products under the UM trademark. The name was changed from United Motors to UM as it was shorter and more consumer friendly. With manufacturing facilities in Asia and design, support and services based in the US, the company quickly established itself as a trustworthy brand. Later in 2005, UM signed an agreement with one of the largest powersports manufacturer of Korea and added street bikes with larger displacement engines (650cc) to its product line-up. In the next thirty years, UM became the first full line manufacturer in the powersports industry. At present, it offers Dual Sport, Street & Off Road motorcycles, Scooters and ATVs in displacements ranging from 49cc to 650cc, offering a variety of models for every industry market segment and powersports enthusiasts.