User review on Vespa Red written by Risha Shetty(Guest) on 2018-11-01 11:43:35
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Overall rating: 1.00
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Design - 1.00
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Inside Comfort - 1.00
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Driving Comfort - 1.00
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Performance & Safety - 1.00

Bike variant reviewed for: Vespa Red

Year of Manufacture: 2018 | Driven no. of Kms. : 3000
  • Pros: I chose the bike for the brand, quality & comfort but had a real bad experience would've even lost my life.
  • Cons: Company should consider an end user's safety as well as & value the money spent by the customer while purchase.

Full Review:

Me & my friend had a real bad experience with Vespa on 28th Oct 2018 night whilst returning back home. My vehicle's back wheel tyre just went flat while I was riding & applying break did'nt help. Since it was a gravel road, we fell off the bike dragging ourselves to a certain distance. Both me & my friend were left with bruises & pain all over the body. Later the next morning when I took the bike to a puncture shop did I learn that there were'nt any holes on the tyre that might've lead to the puncture. When the tyre was opened to see what might've caused the flat tyre, it came as a shocker to see a bent metallic key which was found inside the tyre. This bent key was inside the tyre ever since I had bought the bike early this year. Just 6months that I have bought this bike & this key has been there ever since then. I was been given a manufacturing defective vehicle. This key had bursted the rubber tube which was inside the tyre. On 30th noon when I had taken my bike to Avanish Piaggio - Vespa & Aprilia dealer in Bangalore, the service guy just threw the bent key which I showed. He said that it's not Vespa's fault & blamed it on MRF tyre. I was shocked & worried about the entire incident at that point of time. They charged me 2,950.00/- to replace the head light & to fix the paint & side rim of the bike. But there are still few things which has'nt been fixed yet. The whole point in me reaching the Vespa customer care is that when a customer spends his hard earned money in buying something expensive which is out of his reach & buy's the best in the market, it would definitely be after looking at the reviews & the feedbacks given by other customers. It's also due to the brand, quality & safety. When such an incident occurs how could anyone rely on Vespa??? Whom do you expect me to blame?? Am I supposed to blame myself for having chosen Vespa blindly by its brand? why the hell don't you guy's check the quality of the vehicle? I bought the bike from Vespa not from MRF to blame it on them. I bought a bike assuming that Vespa would stand assurance of the spare parts included in it that includes the tyres as well. How stupid of Vespa it is to do the blame game on the tyre manufacturer. Don't you check the quality of your spare parts? I would've lost my life had this incident occurred on a highway or had it happened on a road with traffic. I would never advise any person to go for Vespa henceforth, as an experience of this kind is something that I had never heard from customers who have bikes from other companies. Shame on Vespa!! My reviews had been good till this experience of mine but hereafter I would highly recommend customers to get their life insurance done before choosing Vespa bikes!