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Victory Motorcycles is a subsidiary of Polaris Industries based in Minnesota, America. Polaris Industries is a well-known firm which manufactures snowmobiles, ATVs and neighbourhood electric vehicles. Victory Motorcycles was launched inspired by the success of Harley Davidson and similar large, American kind of motorcycles which use V-twin engines and are mainly used for touring and sports.Their first motorcycle V92C was announced in 1997 and began selling in 1998. It was introduced by a famous racing driver Al Unser and had 500cc engine with a five-speed gearbox, hydraulic lifters and fuel injection. In 2002 it was launched with Freedom Engine and became known as the Classic Cruiser. The production of this model stopped in 2003 but it has remained a favorite of many Victory lovers. The company produces bikes under three categories- Baggers, Touring and Cruisers. The baggers are cruisers fitted with saddlebags for carrying extra load. They feature Cross Roads Classic and Cross Country models. The Touring category features Victory Vision and Cross Country Tour. They have integrated trunk at the back which adds a whole lot of space for carry touring gear and also form a backrest for the rear passenger. Victory Motorcycles offer a wide range of cruisers which have been immensely popular like Vegas 8-Ball, Gunner, High-Ball, Victory Judge, Hammer 8-Ball, Boardwalk and Jackpot. They also have customized cruisers under the Ness Signature Series which is named after the legendary designer Arlen Ness. 8-ball versions come with a lighter price tag and do not carry some of the features of their original models.Victory bikes are heavy and bulky looking. They are ergonomically designed for absolute comfort and are high on style. They come with features that are expected of a premium American-style bike like six speed overdrive transmission, Anti-lock brake system, Cruise Control and Brembo brakes. The Victory Freedom V-twin engines power these mean machines and meant for enthusiasts who want innovation, comfort and style merged into one motorbike. Apart from motorcycles, Victory also has a range of apparels for men, women and children. There are a host of accessories they offer like handle-bar speakers, backrests, floorboards, saddle bags, windshield and lots more which the riders can choose from to add more oomph and a personal touch to their Victory motorcycles. It is possible to fully customize your bike at the time of purchase as well.Victory has been popular because for its community events. They organize a lot of demo tour, factory tour and rallies for fans. Also they contribute to a lot of riding competitions meant for charity. The Victory Motorcycles Club is now an international club for Victory owners and enthusiasts.