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Victory MotorCycles Cross Country 8-Ball
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Victory MotorCycles Cross Country 8-Ball Overview

Victory MotorCycles Cross Country 8-Ball has rocked the streets with its stunning features and improved design and style. It is a hit amongst the young bikers and gives a perfect cruise experience. Victory MotorCycles Cross Country 8-Ball is a bagger motorcycle and has a stylish fairing, audio, convenient storage space, comfortable seating for one or two riders, and blacked-out style. The bike is efficient and delivers good performance on the streets. It is imbibed with 106-ci Victory Freedom V-Twin delivers 106 ft-lb of torque, and it's a smooth, efficient engine counter balanced and fuel-injected. The 6th gear overdrive of the Victory 6-speed transmission drops the RPMs.It gives the perfect blacked out style and dominates the streets with its distinctive attitude. It is in fact completely loaded with blacked-out features from the exhaust to the engine to its unique, sculpted fairing. Being sleek and stylish this bike has grabbed the attention of many users. It offers impressive weather protection to enhance your ride. The fairing comes with twin audio speakers and an auxiliary audio cord. The 21.3 gallons lockable storage space is convenient to use. The lids have a weatherproof seal to help block the elements and protect your cargo. Keeping your comfort and convenience in mind this bike is bestowed with 2 up seating. You could go for a solo ride or share the Victory Cross Country 8-Ball riding experience with your besties. It is provided with a roomy, stylish seat that's comfortable and you can ride all day. You could also avail Add Lock & Ride accessory backrests for custom style and extra support. The 26.3 mm height of the seat is decent enough for riders. The rear suspension keeps the ride smooth. It provides 4.7mm of travel, and its air shock is easily adjusted using a hand pump for a consistently smooth ride. The fuel tank has a capacity of 5.8 gallon. The hardly Davidson Street Glide is a tough competitor of this bike.Victory MotorCycles Cross Roads 8-Ball Overview

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