Expected price:

9.00 Lakhs – 10.00 Lakhs

Expected Launch Date:  Sep 2018 – Dec 2018

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Victory MotorCycles Gunner Overview

Victory MotorCycles Gunner is the most aesthetically elegant, quietly sexy cruisers in the plethora of motorcycles today. It takes some features from the judge and has added up new 24-spoke cast aluminum shoes, and a tiny skirt instead of a robe. The new model is named a bobber,in salute to the resurfacing trend of chopping without lengthening, something made big in the 40s and 50s when simplicity was in style. However it is huge with 649-pound and has a Freedom 106 V-Twin This bike has competition with similar looking bikes such as Harley-
Davidson Sportster, Star Bolt and Triumph Bonneville.The Freedom 106 motor is stunning with heaps of hair-tingling with a respectable 81 horses to further harvest momentum. The chassis is solid in feel and features a low look and a low 25-inch seat height. Steering feel is hardly heavy and tracking through corners is optimum for such a big cruiser. The Braking scores for this big bobber are pretty decent and would be much better by an additional 300mm disc to match the single unit currently used up front.
A single 300mm disc is also used to control the rear wheel. This bike is bestowed with new black, bare metal-edged, 24-spoke cast aluminum numbers giving the Gunner an overall aggressive styling. They also shave off some weight and make this bike 10 pounds lighter than its familial Judge and arm-draping Highball. The solo saddle gives a comfortable ride all through the day and he black, swept bar is quite an easy reach for this average-size rider. This bike could be customized with suitable accessories of your choice such as custom-looking bar styles, Solo Mission seat, accent-enhancing red spark plug wires, as well as the optional tachometer. With excellent features and super cruise experience this bike is certainly set to rock the streets.