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Victory MotorCycles Vision Tour Overview

Victory MotorCycles Vision Tour is a touring motorcycle with an outstanding combination of ample storage, great ride, superior comfort and a distinctive style. It boasts of Victory will be the second motorcycle brand launched in the country by Polaris, the first being Indian Motorcyles. Victory MotorCycles Vision Tour delivers the luxury touring down to the smallest details. Design: Victory MotorCycles Vision Tour is a large bike even for a tourer that has been built to travel long distances with ease. The company is willing to take styling risks and that reflects in the designing of this bike. It has convenient side storage compartments as well as a spacious trunk. The frame mounted fairing offers the ultimate in wind and weather protection and the power windshield allows you to easily manage the airflow by raising it or lowering it at the push of a button. The heated handgrips and the heated seats help in extending the riding session. Engine and Performance: Victory MotorCycles Vision Tour is propelled by a 106/6 V-twin, 106-ci engine that offers a healthy 146Nm of Torque. ThiVictory MotorCycles Vision Tour Overviews counter balanced and fuel injected engine delivers a confidence inspiring performance. The rear wheel receives the power by using the 6-spee gearbox with overdrive function. This overdrive function helps in a smooth ride and also promises enhanced fuel mileage. The company uses ABS Braking technology to ensure that the bike can be slowed down easily even in the most challenging terrain. Pricing and Competition: The motorcycle is expected to make its debut in India by the end of the current year, probably by the month of October. It will carry a price tag of around Rs. 27lakh. It will try to break into the dominance of Harley Davidson in the Indian market. Other competitors of this bike will be MV Augusta Brutale 1090RR, Kawasaki Ninja 650R and Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R.

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