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Market Segment for Yamaha Bikes

Yamaha Motors India serves the mass segment and mainly manufactures two-wheelers, which can be categorized as power commuters. Yamaha’s prime focus is to nurture everyday motorcyclists that demand a powerful everyday bike with manageable service and maintenance cost. Yamaha bikes are believed to me quite performance oriented and have gained immense appreciation among the youth.

Yamaha Bikes Price

Yamaha bikes prices in India range from as low as Rs. 55,000 to as high as Rs. 34 Lakh. All the motorcycles below 200cc are manufactured in India and hence are priced accordingly. The imported ones stand in a very niche segment and are priced very high, such as R1, MT-09 and R1M.

Performance and Mileage

Different Yamaha bike models have different performance strengths. Some of the motorcycles are manufactured solely for efficiency purposes, like the Saluto and Saluto RX, while others are built to perform and serve as a sensation, like the new R1. When talking from an everyday practical user prospective, Yamaha bikes in India are efficient and are on the high performance side.

Transmission and Mileage

Generally, all the Yamaha bike models feature Constant Mesh 5-speed transmission while performance bikes are equipped with Constant Mesh 6-speed transmission. Known for performance bikes, Yamaha brand is turning towards fuel efficient technologies for the Indian market. The general fuel efficiency of Yamaha bikes varies in the range of 25-50 kmpl.

Yahmha Bikes Features

Premium everyday Yamaha bikes from the FZ series and R series are equipped with features like ABS, FI, Diamond frame and mono shock suspension, while commuter bikes have none of these features.

Cost to Own

The cost of ownership of an everyday Yamaha two-wheeler starts around Rs. 20,000 and may go up to Rs. 35,000 for Yamaha bikes costing Rs. 1 Lakh or more.