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Yamaha bike prices in India start at INR 48,221 for Yamaha Saluto RX and goes up to INR 18.16 lakhs for Yamaha YZF R1 2018. In between, Yamaha has an assembly line of scooters available from INR 51,017 to 58,098.

Yamaha bikes is the first name that pops up whenever there is a discussion on safe, sturdy and reliable bikes. Yamaha all bikes might not set the mileage charts on fire, but there is nothing to beat their stability on the Indian roads.

Yamaha is the leading manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters, fishing boats, utility boats and a host of other motorized products. Yamaha, the manufacturer of the finest 4-stroke motorcycles in the world, has an exquisite range of bikes on offer. Yamaha bikes have a significant presence in many countries, notably India. Each of the Yamaha bikes in India is an epitome of stability and reliability.

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