By: amal on 2016-06-08

How long can I drive Yamaha Cygnus Alpha continuously, can I drive it for 350 kms continuously?
how long i can drive the scooter continuously...if i go a drive more than 350 kg, will it make my scooter damege

1 Answers

You can ride Yamaha Cygnus Alpha continuously for 350 kms but this scooter is not designed for that purpose, it has been designed specifically for short distance commute, its tyres are small thus more vibration will transfer from road if the road is not smooth, if you still want to use it for long drive you will need to take frequent breaks of 15-20 minutes after every 60 km or 1 hour to avoid engine overheating and to give yourself a little rest else you may experience back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain etc. and before going on long journey it is advised to get your scooter checked by mechanic for engine oil, clutch, brakes and other things.
   2016-06-23 14:28:58

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