By: Mahesh on 2015-12-30

Which bike is better for girls/women between Yamaha Fascino and Activa 3G?

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Both are 110cc segment scooters, Activa 3G is featured with tubeless tyres while Fascino has tube tyres. Activa 3G possess drum brakes on both wheels along with CBS (combi brake system) while Fascino has only drum brakes. Kerb weight of Fascino is 103 kg while of Activa 3G is 108 kg.

Activa 3G has Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover (CLIC) which enable easier & faster servicing while Fascino doesn’t have such feature.

As per users experience Activa 3G is little better than Fascino for girls and women as it has tubeless tyres which reduces chances of immediate deflation in case of puncture so girls/women don’t need to drag the scooter to mechanic they can drive it to nearby mechanic and CBS reduces the braking distance with more stability. 


Sadil   2015-12-21 12:32:52

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