By: Aman on 2016-04-11

The claimed mileage of Fascino is 66 but why mine delivers only 34-35 kmpl.

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Yes, the claimed mileage of Yamaha Fascino is 66 kmpl but your Fascino should at least deliver around 50 kmpl city mileage, we suggest you following things to improve mileage:

Following may be the possible reasons for low mileage and our suggestions to improve:

• Get the carburetor tuned for optimum performance as recommended in the owner’s manual.
• Air filter might be clogged so get it cleaned from authorized Honda dealer workshop.
• Check both wheels for free rotation
• Maintain correct tyre pressure & check it periodically
• Drive scooter at the optimum speed (40-60) kmph beyond this speed, more fuel gets consumed.
• Get your scooter serviced regularly as recommended in owner’s manual.
• Always fill the fuel at reputed fuel pump.

Ashish   2016-04-18 12:31:49

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