By: Anonymous on 2016-05-29

Can I fit Vespa’s silencer in Yamaha Fascino?
Silencer change

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No, you should not fit Vespa’s silencer in Fascino, as both scooters have different types of silencers which have been designed as per their engine functioning, exhaust design by the manufacturer is best for the vehicle as it is designed for optimum performance, low fuel consumption, low exhaust emission etc. Engine does a process called scavenging in between completion of exhaust stroke and starting of suction stroke, this process is for removing the burned gases from the cylinder with the help of fresh charge. The scavenging efficiency of engine is directly affected by speed of the engine, exhaust valve opening, exhaust port dimensions and exhaust design etc, so replacing exhaust of Fascino with a different exhaust would result in higher fuel consumption, low brake thermal efficiency, and high exhaust emission and moreover such replacement would void engine warranty.
   2016-06-15 18:15:40

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