By: Budhiraja on 2015-05-19

How to maintain mileage above 40kmpl,What should be done to maintain that?
I own and FZ 16 and I am struggling to get the economy up. Can I have some tips to avoid getting my pocket burnt on Petrol?

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Hello Budhiraja !!

Mileage / Economy of any vehicle depends largely upon the following factors:
1. Usage i.e how frequently does the engine gets loaded (note: this is not passenger load)
2. Clutch riding
3. Tires (especially in the case of FZ)

In order to get the best economy, the vehicle's engine must be loaded as less as possible (i.e the more it pulls at a lower gear, the more load acts upon the engine). This reduces the mileage and on a long run, damages the engine. Secondly, the clutch should be used ONLY at the time of shifting. Most people ride with the clutch half released, which reduces the mileage and damages the clutch plates. The FZ houses radial tires which gives an increased surface area on the road and hence an exceptional grip but brings down the mileage drastically.


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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 12:03:44

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