By: Mohit on 2016-06-12

What is difference between Yamaha FZ and FZ Fi, which bike should I buy?
Hi, I am planning to purchase FZ but I am little confused as to go for which one FZ or FZ F1? What is the difference between the two? Is there any difference in there looks?

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"FZ Fi is powered by 149cc air cooled engine while FZ is powered by 153cc air cooled engine hence FZ Fi has little less power & torque than FZ. Fuel delivery system in FZ FI is “fuel injection” while in FZ it is carburetor. FZ FI is featured with self-start only while FZ has both self & kick start options, mileage of FZ Fi is little better than FZ and FZ Fi doesn’t have low fuel indicator and engine kill switch features while FZ has these features. In my opinion no bike can be declared as better as both have something better than other and there is not considerable difference in performance and mileage, you can choose any as per your need & preference and you cannot go wrong with either of these as both are excellent variants of FZ."
   2016-06-27 15:12:53

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