By: Rabiek on 2015-11-08

What are the new features in new model of Yamaha FZS?

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The differences between Yamaha FZS FI and FZS are:

• The new model FZS FI is powered by 149cc air cooled engine while FZS is powered by 153cc air cooled engine therefore FZS FI has little less power & torque than FZS.

• Fuel delivery system in FZS FI is “fuel injection” while in FZS is carburetor.

• FZS FI is featured with self-start only while FZS has both self & kick start options.

• Length and height of FZS is more than the FZS FI

• As per users experience the mileage of FZS FI is around 50 kmpl while of FZS is 45 kmpl.

• FZS FI is featured with 2 tripmeters while FZS with 1 tripmeter.

• FZS FI doesn’t have low fuel indicator feature while FZS have this feature.

• FZS FI has stepped seat while FZS has flat seat.

• FZS FI doesn’t have engine kill switch while FZS have this feature.

Fareen   2015-12-07 14:27:31

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