By: Amit on 2016-03-25

What is the difference between tube tyre and tubeless tyre?

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As the name suggests tube-type tyres consist of a tube which is placed between the tyre and the wheel rim. The tube inside the tyre is inflated with air while in tubeless tyre there is no tube between the tyre and the wheel rim instead continuous ribs molded integrally into the bead of the tire so that they are forced by the pressure of the air inside the tire to seal with the flanges of the metal rim of the wheel.

Advantages of tube tyres:
Better grip, economical, doesn’t get over heat easily, no issue of air loss and puncture repairer can be found easily.

Advantages of tubeless tyres:
Doesn’t get puncture easily, air releases slowly in case of puncture, easy to repair puncture, longer life and suitable for high speed.

Naresh   2016-03-31 16:49:47

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