By: Anuraag on 2015-06-27

Is there any exchange offer for Yamaha Saluto against YBR?
I have 4 year old Yamaha ybr bike , Can I exchange my bike with Saluto by paying remaining extra ammount.

1 Answers

Exchange offers vary by location and also it varies dealer to dealer, we advise you to contact your local Yamaha dealer he will provide you the exact information regarding exchange offer.

If you don’t get exchange offer against your Yamaha YBR bike you have an option to re-sell it on-line and then buy Yamaha Saluto as the process of evaluation is the same whether you exchange your bike or re-sell it as per users experiences the exchange price usually quoted by the manufacturer is less than what you are likely to get if you sell the bike directly in the second-hand bike market. This is because companies refurbish the bike before selling it again.

Basanti   2015-07-22 16:22:52

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