By: Dilesh on 2015-06-19

Will riding Yamaha Saluto create back problem?

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Somebody may have back pain while riding a particular bike but the same bike may not cause back pain to other person, so the back pain problem is not only related with bike but also related with rider’s body-type (weight, height, age etc) riding posture, life-style etc and if we consider the possible causes of back pain from the bike’s point of view then the saddle height, shape of the seat, handle position, foot rest position etc may be the cause of back pain.

As per users experiences there is no back problem riding Honda Livo, as it is a standard type bike which are recognized primarily by their upright riding position, Footpegs are below the rider and handlebars are high enough to not force the rider to reach far forward, placing the shoulders above the hips in a natural position so all of these features altogether enable such a body posture which doesn’t make lower back tense and consequently issues of back pain riding this type of bikes are comparatively less.

Sanatan   2015-08-31 18:25:05

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