By: Anonymous on 2015-08-15

What to do for avoiding petrol theft from Yamaha Saluto and other bikes having similar petrol supply?
like all other bykes of this range the petrol liner from tank to carborator is not in secured position.can any one remove the pipe and get the petrol tank emptied.the tube must be hidden

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Yes, this is a common problem with the bikes having this type of petrol supply, mostly the fuel is stolen from the petrol knob as somebody can just remove the pipe and drain fuel from the bike.

You can use petrol-locks to avoid such types of theft, it is similar to fuel knob only difference is that instead of knob you will have to use key to change the modes (on, reserve and off) and the key can be removed only in the off state and so the fuel cannot be drained, this not much expensive and a easy fix to avoid petrol theft.

Kajal   2015-09-14 11:41:35

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