By: Nayak on 2016-02-29

Why my Yamaha Saluto doesn’t start after getting heat up a little?

1 Answers

There may be many possible reason of starting problem like:

• Starting technique might be incorrect (If the engine is flooded, crank the engine with the throttle fully open to allow more air to reach the engine)
• Fuel level in carburetor float bowl might be too high.
• There might be some problem in starter motor.
• Battery voltage might be low
• Relays might not contacting or operating properly.
• There might be problem in ignition switch.

Hope our suggestions will help in solving the problem and if not, we advise you to take your bike to your local Yamaha service center for thorough examination to fix the problem.

Vijay   2016-03-14 12:14:16

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