By: Roj on 2018-11-12

The fuel tank lid of my Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is not getting closed because of tank side cover and cover tank gap fixation?

1 Answers

The reason because of which this happens is:

  1. Tank cover attachment is done via locking and locking comes out due to different usage behaviours
  2. Keeping heavy backpacks on the top of the fuel tank
  3. Keeping a hand on the cover tank during the red light time for relaxing purpose
  4. Weight of the Heavyweight riders transfers to the cover tank area in case of sudden braking.

I advise you to get in touch with your nearest Yamaha authorised dealership to get the cover tank fixed and will only take minimal labour charges of Rs 57 (inclusive of tax).

   2019-06-04 14:44:02

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