By: Chaitanya on 2019-05-16

Is single seat of R15s comfortable for pillion?
I am 5' 9" tall and planning to buy R15s. I will be riding the bike 40 kms daily in the city. All I want to know is how comfortable is the bike and its handling in city traffic. Is single seat of R15s comfortable for pillion? Does riding cause back, wrist, thigh pain over a period of time because of sitting position?

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Ideally speaking, Yamaha R15 will not be comfortable for commuting as the riding position is track dedicated. The foot-pegs too are rear set which can make journeys uncomfortable.  The rear seat will not be uncomfortable for the pillion as the seat is too high and small. Having said that, you can take a test drive of the bike and then you would be able to judge yourself.

Paarth   2019-05-29 17:13:07

Well, as Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is a sports bike hence it is obvious that the rider has to bend over while riding it hence it will cause some back pain over time but won't be much of tussle as the saddle height has been increased up to 815mm from the V2. As far as the pillion is concerned, it is totally unsafe for them, as the bike neither offers back seat cladding nor pillion grab rails which the pillion can grab for holding himself.  

   2019-05-29 17:23:02

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